Excavator Attachments

DipperFox SC600

Stump Crusher

Stump Cutting attachment; safer, quieter and more efficient than traditional stump grinding. Suitable for 6-16t machine, flow required 65-150l/min, pressure requirement 150-25-bar. Available from £450(exc. VAT)/day or £1,800(exc. VAT)/week.

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TMK 400

Tree Shear 400mm

TMK400 tree shear meets professional forest management needs and can efficiently carry out tasks such as removing large problem trees safely. Suitable for 10-30t machine, flow requirement 100-180l/min and pressure requirement 300-320bar. Available for £650(exc. VAT)/week (week min.)

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JAK 250

Tree Sheer w/ Rotator

A heavy duty excavator tree shear with rotator capable of a 25cm cut and suitable for 5-11.5t machines, min flow requirement 60l/min and pressure requirement 250-300bar. Available for £250(exc. VAT)/week (week minimum).

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TMK MultiGrab


Demolition grab, boulder grab, sorting grab, stump puller or rake. The MultiGrab makes light work of heavy loads, such as lifting and moving large trunks, boulders, beams and girders, but it also enables very precise work such as sorting materials. Suitable for machines 6-13ton, flow requirement 50-150l/min and pressure requirement 220-250bar. Available for £650(exc. VAT)/week (minimum week hire).

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Land Rake

1.5m Land Rake

Land Rake attachment is an ideal tool for sorting through brush, raking roots and clearing away overgrowth, as well as many other applications. Available £350(exc. VAT)/week (week min.).

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Our most common asked questions.

I don’t own a trailer can I still hire?

Yes, we have a selection of different trailers that can be hired with any of our machines for just an additional £10(exc. VAT)/day.

Is it only Arb machinery you service and repair?

No, we have highly skilled engineers in the workshop who are happy to work on anything from small tools up to heavy plant. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Do I need a chipper or a shredder?

Chippers have very sharp blades and are only for fresh wood straight off the tree. Shredders use hammers and are for everything else, green waste, old pallets, construction timber with nails in, old kitchen cabinets, ivy, some plastics, etc. If you are in any doubt about what type of machine you need just give us a call on – 01577 524 007

I see you are closed on weekends, is it still possible to hire over the weekend?

Yes, when availability allows we are happy to do weekend hires but they must be collected/delivered Friday afternoon and dropped off/collected Monday morning.