Vertical Log Splitter – 7 to 35 ton

High Quality Vertical Log Splitters

A11EM - 11 ton vertical log splitterVertical Log Splitters

Kipper Hire provides a wide range of professional vertical log splitters from 7 to 35 tons – please call us to discuss your requirements.

SBF, 7/8 ton vertical log splitters
C85, 8.5 ton vertical log splitter
A10V500PI, 10 ton vertical tractor mounted splitter
A11V, 11 ton vertical log splitter
A12-14V-K vertical log splitters
PRO range, 13-16 ton vertical log splitters
PRO range, 19-22 ton vertical log splitters
PRO range, 26-35 ton vertical log splitters

More models will be added very shortly

A11V – 11 Ton Vertical Log Splitter

Our most popular log splitter with tree surgeons and hire shops. It is very user friendly as the splitting table height can be changed from around waist height for rings to ground level to accomodate longer logs.

This professional vertical log splitter will take logs from 6 to 55 inch (15 – 140cm) long, and up to 20″ (50cm) diameter. The two handles hold the log securely for an accurate split. Automatic cylinder return means you can be positioning the next log on the table ready for splitting. And to speed up the splitting process further you can set the return movement of the splitting ram to suit any log length or ring height in-between!

Options of electric, petrol, tractor PTO or hydraulics – 4 way split knife.

There are many more log splitters in our range so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.