Combination (Vertical and Horizontal) Log Splitters

High Quality Combination Log Splitters

Combination Log Splitters

Kipper Hire provides a wide range of professional combination log splitters from 5 to 12 tons – please call us to discuss your requirements.

Combination splitters can be used in both a horizontal and vertical position, so can be an extremely versatile machine

A7-A10VOR, 7-10 ton combination log splitter
A10vario, 10 ton combination log splitter
A12vario, 12 ton combination log splitter

More models will be added very shortlyVario combination log splitter

A10Vario – 10 Ton Combination Log Splitter

A10VARIO is possibly the most versatile log splitter in the range, able to work in a variety of positions from vertical to horizontal, and at a comfortable waist height, ensuring the most efficient working set up.
It is an extremely popular log splitter with commercial users and domestic users who want something that will be the boss of their timber!

This professional log splitter will split logs up to 55 cm long, with no physical limit to the diameter of the log.

Simply by removing a pin the splitting unit can be tilted from vertical position (great for splitting large logs that cannot be lifted) back into the horizontal position (ideal for splitting smaller logs at a comfortable waist height).

The A10Vario has a 2 speed hyA10Vario combination log splitterdraulic ram and auto return, making it a very fast log splitter to use.

Options of electric, petrol, tractor PTO or hydraulics – 4 way split knife.

There are many more log splitters in our range so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.