Firewood Processor Hire

Firewood Processor Hire

Hire a firewood processor – the simple to operate and highly productive WP36 firewood processor can lift the logs from ground level, cut them to length and then split them (2, 4 or 6 ways). The slewing output conveyor can be used to load bags or simply keep the pile away from your work area.WP36 firewood processor hire

This easy to use, 14″ diameter capacity road tow firewood processor can be taken right to site – powered by the on board Honda petrol engine or a PTO shaft from your tractor.¬†4-way and 6-way knives are supplied allowing you to get the perfect log.

The simple controls mean that a new operator can become very efficient very quickly, reducing the hire time needed and maximising production.
The WP36 firewood processor is a true single operator machine, leaving any helpers to bring timber to the machine and remove the split timber.

The WP36 features a ‘walking floor’ type input conveyor, which works exceptionally well on bent and wiggly timber, gripping it for a positive infeed. The chainsaw cut is fast, and with chains typically lasting a good days work before sharpening are very low maintenance too. The powerful 8 ton splitter will cope with even tough timber and the knife design means even knotty timber can be split with ease. The 4m long slewing output conveyor allows you to deliver the logs where you want them, even directly into bags for sale.

Prices vary according to length of hire, application etc. Delivery and collection can be arranged. Please call or email for full details.